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Air Source Heat Pump Service

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Air source Heat Pump Service

Are you interested in having your air source heat pump serviced with one of our best in class engineers. This will maximise your return on your air source heat pump as with an annual service your heating system will run more effciently.

We can offer affordable monthly repayments or just a one of annual fee which ever would suit you the best but keep in mind the monthly options can only be setup after your enititial survey if you are not one of our customers

Whats involved with an air source heat pump service?

One of our skilled engineers will perform an indepth inspection of your air source heat pump and all the other compenents that are crucial to your system to make operate at the best efficieny possible.

Not only this the engingeer which check for any future problems that may arise, for exmaple: if your refrigerant has a high chance of having to be corrected by the next service ect.

Here are some of the main compenetnat and what will performed on air source heat pump service.

Glycol: Your system will need antifreeze in the systems as the pipe will have to run outside to get to the air source heat pump these levels can slowly decrease over time.

Radiators: Will check the radiators for any leaks or signs of corrosion.

Cylinder: Will check the cylinder for signs of leaks or corrosion and also checking the settings for the hot water to make sure its setup for its most efficnecy operation.

Air Source Heat Pump: The ashp will be fully checked making sure there is no debris in the fan system and that the refrigerant level is correct. Plus a mass of other checks that will need to be performed on your ASHP.

Pumps/General System: Will check the rest of your system and change filters etc to make sure the system is operating to its best ability.

ASHP Service
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