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Residential Buildings with Solar Panels

Solar Panels


At Energy Saver Lodge, we provide top-notch heating and solar panel services to improve your home's energy efficiency. Our team of experts will help you find the right solutions for your specific needs.

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Solar Panel Home
Solar Panel Home

Solar Panels

Solar panels can help you save up to 70% on your electricity bills by producing electricity from the power of the sun hitting the roof of your property.

​You can save up to £1500 a year on your electricity bills while also increasing the value of your property with the bonus of making your property more desirable to future buyers.

​Energy Saver Lodge strives to provide you with the best service to help you onto your way to making the best decision for you and your property.

Benefits of Solar Panels

There have been around 150,000 installations of solar panel in the year 2022 due to the UK energy crisis. During this crisis, people have seen their electricity bills go from around 12 pence per kWh to more than 34 pence per kWh. To put this into perspective in 2012 the average electricity tariff was 8.6 pence per kWh and in 2020 the average was 12 pence per kWh our bills only increased by around 33% in 8 years but in the last few years, it has increased 300%. This plunged a lot of people in the UK into fuel poverty, to be classed as being in fuel poverty only 10% of your income must be used for fuel bills.


The average UK household uses 15,000kWh of gas and 3500kWh of electricity during the peak of the crisis the cost of this per year would have been £3055 per year with standing charges added in.


A typical 4kw system on a good roof will provide you with 3664kWh of energy per year but you will not be able to use all the energy and some of the energy will be sent back to the national grid for you to get paid for as a SEG payment.


Installing solar panels on your property will also increase your property's value while also making your property more desirable to future buyers due to having renewable energy. Solar panels are the most cost-effective way of increasing the overall efficiency of your property while giving you the best return on investment of any renewable product on the market. They also dramatically increase the EPC rating of your property which will be very important in the future when it comes to selling the property.

Benefits of Solar Panels

Is There Funding For Solar Panels?

Solar Pane Funding


Feed-In Tariff (Discontinued)

In 2012 the government released the Feed-in Tariff that allowed customers to get paid for everything they generated, during the early periods customers would receive around 40 pence per kWh generated by 2018 this had lowered to eventually 5 pence per kWh shortly after this the scheme ended as the electricity savings on solar became so high due to the increase in tariffs the government felt like the incentive for solar was no longer needed.


20% Government Vat Funding

The government in 2022 also made solar panel VAT FREE meaning that you will also get 20% of your system reduced by the company installing them as they no longer charge you the 20% VAT on solar panels, This is something that is overlooked by most people, if you bought a system for £8,000 if the government didn’t offer that VAT reduction it should have cost £10,000 meaning you have in reality got 20% funding from the government towards your solar panels.


SEG Payments for solar panels.

The government has also set up the ECO4 scheme to help landlords and social housing to improve their homes if their tenants are on benefits. This allows for funding towards the solar panels depending on the carbon footprint impact of the property. This funding does not mean it's FREE it just means you can get help with the solar panels to help install them for your property.

Solar Panel Parts

How Solar Works General

Solar Panels

Solar panels work by building solar cells and attaching these into what you would call a solar panel, a solar panel is made up of multiple solar cells encased with silicone. Once you have a solar panel you can attach multiple solar panels to form what you would call a solar array. The job of the solar array is to capture the electrons from the sun and convert this energy into electricity for you and your home to use. Solar panels don’t need to be in direct sunlight they do work from ambient light but it’s much less effective this is why installing solar on your roof is the best idea as it is up high enough to limit shading. With solar being able to work on ambient light this means they do work in winter, but it will only be around 25% of the amount per house it could produce during summer hours. Please visit our in-depth guide to how solar works.

Solar Battery

Seeing as solar panels can only work during daylight hours this means that during the nighttime the solar panels will not produce any power (regardless of if someone tells you about how they work on moonlight as this is not true). With this being the case, it is often to your benefit to have a solar battery installed as the excess power you generate through the day can be stored in your battery instead of going to the national grid for you to use a nighttime. This means you effectively utilise your solar panels 24 hours a day if sized correctly helping you reduce your bills by around 70%. Check out our in-depth battery guide.

Solar Inverter

Your solar inverter is effectively the brain of your system the inverter will convert the energy from DC to AC allowing it to be used for your property. The inverter will also decide whether the energy goes to your house, battery, or the national grid. The size of your inverter can directly affect your entire system. Putting a 3.68kW inverter on 10kW of panels will effectively just waste half of the panels so sizing your inverter correctly is very important. Any inverter above 3.68kW in size will need to be approved by the national grid this is called a DNO application. Your inverter will also be responsible for the amount of electricty you can send back to the national grid where you will get paid your SEG payments. Check out our in-depth inverter guide.

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