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Solar Panel Home
Solar Panel Home

Solar Panels

At Energy Saver Lodge we will provide you with all the information you need regarding our solar panel systems. Solar panels are proven to help you save up to 70% of your electricity bills allowing you to make massive savings over the lifetime of the product. Solar panels come with a 25-year warranty giving you peace of mind knowing that the panels will be there for a long time. Not only that but in 2022 the government made solar panels VAT FREE meaning that the government effectively gave everyone in the UK a 20% discount on all solar panels.

Solar Panel Home
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Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP)

At Energy Saver Lodge we will provide you with all the information you need regarding our air source heat pump systems. Air source heat pumps have been proven to work and to help reduce your energy bills in your property and they work very will with solar panel systems. Air source heat pumps also come with the added bonus of not only being VAT FREE but they also come with a £7500 BUS Voucher meaning you can get an air source heat pump for a fraction of the original costs. Air source heat pumps are the most energy efficient way to heat your home aside from ground source heat pumps.

How can Energy Saver Lodge help you?

Energy Saver Lodge has a comprehensive guide made to help you as a customer find the best renewable products to help improve your home. We care about the environment and believe that everyone in the UK can become a little greener to help the environment while improving their home and hopefully saving a little money along the way. Energy Saver Lodge is driven to engage more homes and families in renewable energy products for their homes. We will provide renewable energy that would best suit your home allowing you to have peace of mind for the future of your home with our best-in-class approach to our pricing system allowing you to maximise the return on investment for your given product. Installing renewable energy in your home will make your property much more desirable for selling in the future while also helping to improve your property value and saving you some money along the way.


At Energy Saver Lodge, we will keep you up-to-date and well-informed on all green energy products and news on how to improve your home, so that you can make the best decisions for your sustainable future, please feel free to subscribe to our newsletter to keep updated with special offers and news on how to improve your home.


We will help you gain access to any funding out there for your product whether you want Solar panels, Solar Batteries, or an Air Source Heat Pump installed at your property.


With our vast knowledge of our products and best practices we will help make an informed decision to help you improve your home with renewable product while future proofing your property.

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